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“Whether You’re Tired of Watching Other Trainers Build

Dear Fitness Professional,

How often do you find yourself saying: "I wish I could just get a steady flow of new campers into my boot camp?"

Ever think: “Things are great – for right now – but it would be so cool if somebody would show me what to do NEXT to keep these camps going so I KNEW they would continue to support me and my family.”

Or maybe you haven’t even launched your first camp and you’re wondering how to get it off the ground. In fact, if that sounds like you then we’re betting you’re doing a good bit of head scratching wondering if all these boot camp success stories are actually true.

Seriously, are all these trainers REALLY making all that money with camps?

We’ll be as blunt as possible. YES, yes they really are raking in all that cash and putting their competitors on thin ice. Unfortunately, too many fitness professionals don't know how to effectively build a successful camp, attract new campers and retain their existing campers. This is a common problem that we hear over and over again.

Frequently, we get calls and emails from fitness pros expressing their feelings of frustration about their marketing efforts and their attempts to get camps off the ground. Perhaps, there are times when even you feel...

- Anxious about the fact that you have no idea how much money you’re going to make next month?

- Frustrated with your inability to attract new campers.

- Tired of wasting time networking with little or no results.

- Discouraged because you can't seem to turn prospects into paying campers.

- Annoyed by hearing about all the ‘other guys’ that are running camps with 30, 40 even 50 members per session while you are struggling to make ends meet.

- Puzzled as to what marketing tactics you should be using and how to use them.

- Confused because you are just starting out and don't know the most effective way to get your first camp off the ground.

This is understandable; More than understandable, actually.

You see, like most trainers, you probably started out doing 1 on 1 sessions. There’s a better-than-average chance you came up through the ‘old-school’ and were doing free consultations in a health club way back in the day. We’re not saying that’s you now. But we know there’s a good chance you’re stuck in the rut of thinking, acting and marketing like a 1 on 1 type trainer.

Now, not only are you trying to build a completely different type of business, but you also probably have to completely change the way you are marketing. In other words, the old way of thinking doesn’t stand a chance.

We’ve even seen a number of fitness professionals that got so frustrated with trying to build this ‘new’ type of business that that they called it quits and went back to 1 on 1 training.

But we’ll practically get down on our knees and plead with you: Don’t do it! The BIG money is in boot camps and you’ll never forgive yourself for not striking while the iron is hot!

Look, if you...

Have a burning desire to own thriving fitness boot camp business with all the members you can handle and still have plenty of time to be with your family...

Want to learn how to generate a never ending stream of qualified prospects...

Would like to know how to turn those prospects into high-paying members ...

Are smart enough to know becoming the hands-down fitness leader in your community is the fastest, most sure-fire way to flooding your bank account with cash...

Want to enjoy a rock solid six-figure income that keeps coming in like clockwork, regardless of your competition or the community you live in...

Would like to build a boot camp business that has your campers staying longer and referring like crazy...

...then we’re confident that you need to read on.

"STOP Taking the Scenic Route to Nowhere and START Taking Your Life in Your Own Hands!"

Bottom line: We’ve taken the best & most effective fitness boot camp business, marketing & training strategies and tactics and distilled them down into a course guaranteed to super charge your fitness boot camp business.

Basically, the top fitness bootcamp experts in the fitness industry are going to give you the blueprint you need for fitness bootcamp success!

Introducing B3: The Bootcamp Business Builder System

The following is just brief overview of what you'll discover in the B3 System:

The secrets to generating a tidal wave of prospects -- even if your town barely shows up on a map!

Little-known, super effective tactics to filling up your camp fast!

Get equipped with a bullet proof plan turning suspects into prospects, prospects into members and members into evangelists!

Compel people to line up to join your camp. Discover multiple proven strategies that allow you to hunt down your best prospects and convince them that there is simply no other fitness solution that can provide them with the results that you can.

Find new prospects that you never knew existed. Your ideal prospects are out there and they are ready to buy from you. Find out the secrets to locating and pulling them into your sales funnel.

How to put your face-to-face networking on steroids using our networking secrets that quickly and easily motivate KEY referral partners to send you quality referrals who can’t wait to become paying campers!

How you can easily build a boot camp sales force of 250 people that will consistently send new members your way without YOU having to lift a finger!

Discover how to make it rain referrals. Word-of-mouth isn't enough. Successful boot camps have a "systematic" referral program that continues to bring in a continual stream of referrals. If you don’t, you’re literally flushing money down the toilet!

Learn how to get referrals on autopilot - 4 innovative referral systems for generating an endless stream of Quality Referrals... on autopilot!

A GUARANTEED Strategy for retaining your members longer! If you're not using this technique it's likely costing you tens of thousands of dollars in lost profits every year.

 How to put an "iron cage" around your members so they stay loyal for life. This is the hidden secret most fitness boot camp professionals will never know about how to generate a constant stream of repeat, referral and renewal business.

How to win more upsells, back-end sales and referrals from your existing client database. It’s money in the bank, when you know what you’re doing!

Secrets to building a fitness boot camp website that generates hundreds of qualified fitness boot camp leads and converts them into closed deals.

Forget everything you've learned about building websites and Internet marketing. We'll show you how to get a massive return on your Internet investment by making a few simple changes to the way you approach online marketing. We use every single one of these tactics to successfully run our personal websites.

Everything you need to have a 5-Figure per month Boot Camp business firing on all cylinders.

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Just Listen To What These Bootcamp Business Owners Had To Say…

seen my income go from peanuts to over $200,000 a year

I met Pat and he started coaching me, I had a hobby not a business. I had maybe 30 clients. I had a vision for my hobby to turn into a business. Pat made that happen. He turned my hobby into a thriving six figure business that has seen my income go from peanuts to over $200,000 a year. Pat has changed my life and transformed my business to make my vision a reality. I am forever thankful to him for his expertise, guidance and knowledge on how to take any business to the next level and make visions a reality. Simply put, if you pass by having Pat as your coach you are better off not being in business at all, because no one who has a business makes a mistake that big and ever recovers.

Ben Warstler

Ben Warslet

Owner Vermont Bootcamps

Steve Long"Hey Pat, I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that the end of the month numbers are in and my income is up for the 10th month in a row! That's every month since I started your coaching program. My income is actually up 5 fold, and things are running smoother than ever, even with all of these clients. Thanks for making it easy!

Steve Long


the best decision I have ever made

I knew I wanted to leave the big box health club industry about a year ago and start my own business and boot camps. The only way this was going to happen was me getting help from experts in the boot camp and marketing field. I could think of no one else, than BJ and Pat.

I have been working with BJ and Pat for a little over a year now. 8 months ago, I left the gym I worked at for 8 years and started my own training business. This was the best decision I have ever made. I am currently running 20 small group and boot camp style classes a week and I am hiring help this fall to help me run all these classes.

None of this would have been possible without the help of BJ and Pat. If you are looking to improve your boot camps and / or your bottom line, then you need to seek out their advice and expertise.

Thank you guys, I don't know where I would be without your help and guidance this past year. Looking forward to gettting even better this Fall and 2011!

Jen Brickey

Jen Brickey

Fusion Workouts

I've consistently maintained 130-150+ active boot campers in my program

Clint Howard"I started working with Pat and B.J. in May of 2009 and I couldn't be any happier with all the help and support I've gotten. When I first started working with them I had no systems or true structure and my boot camp business was unstable and somewhat of a secondary "side" business offering at the time. After only a few short months of working with Pat and B.J. I had all of my business systems in place and myself now running the systems rather than my business running me, as it had been before. In the past year and a half since working with Pat & B.J. I've consistently maintained 130-150+ active boot campers in my program and I'm now managing them better than ever. I know this all wouldn't be possible without the tools, coaching, and support I'm getting. And with their continued support and coaching I'll continue to grow and expand my fitness business to accomplish everything I want it to. These guys are true professionals and I greatly enjoy working with them.

Clint Howard MS, Exercise Physiologist
Founder/CEO, Howard Health & Wellness

With just one business tip I added 35k to my bottom line

These guys have helped me completely change my life. With just one business tip I added 35k to my bottom line. They have continuously helped me improve my business, and in turn the quality of my life. They have guided me in the transition from a personal trainer to one of the best fitness business owners in the world. I Cannot wait to see what heights they will help me achieve in the future!

Steve Krebs

Steve Krebs

Next Level Training

eight fitness bootcamp classes per day in two locations

Dean CarlsonGet Fit NH Bootcamp is living proof of what happens when you apply action to what Pat and his team teach. Pat has been instrumental in helping us grow our business from a part-time venture in our backyard to coaching eight fitness bootcamp classes per day in two locations. Our current waiting lists mean we need more class space, and we are finalizing a new lease on 3200 square feet in order to provide our services to more eager people in our second location. Pat has kept us on track during rough economic times and this summer, supposedly the slow time in the industry, we achieved our best month yet.

Make It Happen!

Dean Carlson

5 figure months are no longer a goal, they are the norm

"We moved 1000 miles across the country to open our Bootcamp and training
facility. Even we had worked with Pat in our previous business we tried to do it on our own this time. Luckily by the time we had lost about $40k of our own money from our savings we started working with Pat again and instantly started making our money back. Just by implementing a few of Pat's simple suggestions consistently, 5 figure months are no longer a goal, they are the norm. We are now looking at expanding and implementing the same systems and strategies we learned from Pat to build multiple 5 figure locations around our town and enjoy the lifestyle we dream of having."

BJ Bliffert

BJ Bliffert

Full Throttle Fitness Systems

currently have 2 locations and working on the 3rd

Sharon JacksonI first started learning from Pat & B.J. in Sept 2009 and it totally changed my business. I was working with around 50 women. My camps have almost tripled in size because of the great tips and strategies that Pat’s send out like clockwork!

Thank you so much for giving me the tools I need to continue to build my business. I currently have 2 locations and working on the 3rd. I will stay connected to the best!


Sharon Jackson
Ruston, La

Now I have 40+ campers on annual agreements

I started working with Pat & B.J. less than 1 year ago. At that point, I had only a handful of campers with little more than “word of mouth” as a marketing plan. Now I have 40+ campers on annual agreements. I also have Corporate Boot Camps running and I anticipate easily surpassing my target of 50+ campers this fall. In addition, I have multiple avenues of marketing in place bringing a steady stream of new leads to my door.

Art McDermott

Art McDermott

Owner, Matrix Strength & Fitness

Our revenue has increased by 400%

Ryan KetchumOur boot camp business went from 15-20 inconsistent members to over 90
members consistently in our camps and the numbers grow every month. Our revenue has increased by 400% in our boot camp business over the past 18-24 months since starting in Pat & B.J.’s Coaching Program and focusing on our boot camp business with Pat. More importantly Pat has helped us to create a system and business that allows us to have other instructors run camps and allow us to work on our business and enjoy life without running camps every morning and evening. If you are looking to take your boot camp to the next level or find a way to leverage your time and talents there is no one who knows the business better or cares more about the people he works with thanPat Rigsby.

Ryan Ketchum

We went from just barely 60 boot camp members to steadily over 220 members

We have been working with Pat since September of 2009. Working with him has
completely changed our fitness business. We went from just barely 60 boot camp members to steadily over 220 members. Pat has helped us find 'hidden' profit centers in our business that has pushed our income to multiple 6 figures. All while teaching us systems that streamline our business and free up our time enough to enjoy our lives... we run our business it does not run us anymore. In a few words, he is a business genius and we wouldn't be where we are without knowledge, experience and guidance.

Jeff & Tiffany Larson

Jeff & Tiffany Larson

Napa Valley Adventure Boot Camp


Let me show you exactly what you’re going to get with the B3: Bootcamp

You’re Going To Receive Eight Different Modules On Launching and Growing Your Camp:

Choosing A High Profit Bootcamp Location

Foundational Operations

Creating Your Winning Bootcamp Brand

Scheduling & Pricing For Success

Low Cost, High ROI Marketing

Closing Sales

The Reverse Marketing Funnel

Public Speaking For Bootcamp Profits

You’ll Also Receive These Individual Modules Spelling Out Each And Every Detail About Running a High Profit Bootcamp:

Beginner Bootcamp

Bring-A-Buddy Referral System

Exercise Progressions

Coaching Cues

Equipment and Spacing Guidelines

Grocery Store Tour and Nutrition System-


10-Second Abs Fitness Presentation

Plus You’ll Also Receive Advanced Modules On:

Using Groupon & Craigslist To Explode Your Camp

Facebook Marketing

The Conveyor Belt Lead System - Business of the Month Program

PLUS, When You Order Before (TODAY’s DATE) at Midnight EST, You Will Also Receive $1068 In FREE Bonus Gifts

The Bootcamp Start-Up Checklist Outlining EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Hit The Ground Running With Your Very Own Bootcamp Business that Serves the Lifestyle of Your Dreams! (Valued at $77)

Rebrandrable Bootcamp Workout Operations Manual that Scripts Out Everything Your Staff Needs to Know from the Time They Arrive On-Site to the Time They Leave and Everything in Between! (Valued at $297)

Rebrandrable Metabolism Report Kit Complete with a 24-Page Article on “The 7 Deadly Workout Sins” and Images You Can Use To Promote on Your Website or Blog to Entice Online and Offline Prospect to Opt-in to Your Newsletter (Valued at $97)

ONE Month of Done-For-You Program Design Taken Straight Out of BJ Gaddour’s MISSION: METABOLISM BOOTCAMP in Milwaukee, WI Featuring Workout Muse’s Bootcamp Automator. This System Comes Complete with Instructional Workout Videos to Accommodate Campers of All Fitness Levels and Show You Exactly What To Do AND Interval Training Workout Music Soundtracks That Tell Your Campers Exactly What To Do So You Don’t Have to Look at the Clock! These Workouts are Built to Accommodate Corporate or Community Camps, Start-up or Veteran Camps, and Indoor or Outdoor Camps with both Equipment-Based Workouts and Bodyweight Alternatives so that Space or Equipment Limitations are a NON-FACTOR! (Valued at $97)

One-Month of a Digital Bootcamp-To-Go Featuring Workout Muse’s Workout Automator AND The License to DistributeThis Home/Travel Fitness Program to Your Campers and Clients to Both Fill in the Gaps on Off-Days/Weeks, Missed Workouts, and Travel Time/Vacations AND To Offer a Killer Down Sell with To Dramatically Boost Camper Conversion and Retention (Valued at $97)

The Official 10-3 Core Stability Soundtrack that Will Power and Energize Your “10-Second ABS” Fitness Presentation to Fill Your Camps Faster Than You Can Blink. This Will Transform You From a Meek Public Speaker to a Fitness Bootcamp Rockstar!! (Valued at $14.95)

The Band and Bells Bootcamp Package (Valued at $127.50): Perfect for kettlebell-only, bands-only, AND bands and bells bootcamp and group exercise classes. It includes:

FOUR Custom Resistance Band Training mp3 Soundtracks:

1.) 20-10 Tabata Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack- 20 Minutes Total ($19.95 value)
2.) 45-15 Circuit Training Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack- 36 Minutes Total ($35.95 value)
3.) Continuous 2-Minutes Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack- 40 Minutes Total ($39.95 value)
4.) 30-5 Partner Training Soundtrack mp3 Soundtrack- 35 Minutes Total ($34.95 value)

FOUR Custom Kettlebell Kaos mp3 Soundtracks:

1.) Continuous 20 Minutes Interval Workout Music Soundtrack mp3- 20 minutes total ($19.95 value)
2.) 15-30 Power Interval Workout Music Soundtrack mp3- 30 minutes total ($29.95 value)
3.) Continuous 30-Second Movement Ladders Interval Workout Music Soundtrack mp3- 14 minutes total ($13.95 value)
4.) Succession Complexes Interval Workout Music Soundtrack mp3- 20 minutes total ($19.95 value)

And 11 Different Ready To Use Templates easily worth over $500:

Press Releases
JV Letters
Referral Request Forms
Price Sheets
Emails and More!

I've Heard Enough! Give Me Access to B3 Now!

"So Why Is The B3: Bootcamp Business Builder System Only $97?”

FIRST REASON: We want you to be absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of information, tools and value included in the system, compared to the investment we’re asking you to make. We want you to be so impressed with this program that you're 100% convinced that it’s the best investment you’ve ever made.

You see, the contents of the B3 System took us well over 100 hours to develop. That equates to over $40,000 in our hourly fees. But we hope that after you start killing it with your camps you’ll come back to us whenever you have more fitness business needs and the way we can make that happen is to get your trust by overdelivering from day one.

SECOND REASON:We truly wanted to make this package affordable to every fitness boot camp owners, no matter what their current situation. Investing thousands of dollars is not realistic for most fitness pros so we wanted to make this program an absolute steal!

We wanted to make sure that you have an IMMEDIATE PAYBACK from this system. We guarantee that after you implement just a fraction of the material we cover in the B3 System you'll get enough business to pay back your $197 investment 100 times over. Think about it, if you just get one extra client as a result of this system, you will have made double your money back. At this price point, it's a "no brainer."

You have 3 choices…

   Keep doing what you’ve always done. Unfortunately, the “feast or famine” and “Yo-Yo Income” problem won’t go away, but it certainly could get worse.

 Try and solve it yourself. Isn’t that what you’ve already been trying to do with sub-par results?

  Work with us. Take us up on this incredible opportunity to help you build the perfect fitness lifestyle business and finally make your business dreams a reality.

The cost of NOT taking advantage of The B3 System is HUGE.

You will continue to:

Be frustrated with never having enough new campers

Worry about how you’re going to pay the bills next month

Keep getting what you’ve always gotten

“Better Yet, This REALLY Works, And We

Test Drive The B3: Bootcamp Buiness Builder System

"Test drive" The B3 System for a full year with absolutely no risk. See for yourself how much impact this incredible system will have on your business and your life. You are completely protected by our iron clad 100% money back guarantee. 
You will not only be satisfied, we guarantee you will be thrilled and amazed with the increase to your income, steady flow of new clients and overall improvement to your business, or you can simply email us and ask for a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund. 
In fact, if you're not completely happy for any reason at all, then we insist that you ask for a refund. However, after seeing so many fitness professionals transform their businesses by using the systems and strategies that you’ll be learning and applying, we’re totally confident that you're going to feel that joining The B3 System is one of the best decisions that you’ve ever made.


You’ve got to change the way you do business. You must learn how to work smarter, using marketing that gets results, instead of working harder, “spinning your wheels” doing what you’ve always done or just sitting around waiting for clients to magically appear.

Or if you’re already successful, then do what all successful business people do - - decide to better your best. Get that extra edge. Take it to the next level.

Decide right now to make a change and create the kind of fitness boot camp business, income and lifestyle you and your family deserve.

This is a decision you will be very, very glad you made - we guarantee it.

Order Now Via Our 100% Secure Order Form


I’m ready to make a real, consistent income with Bootcamp Buisness Builder.

I understand that:

This material has NEVER been made available to the public before – At ANY price.
I will receive instant access to B3 For A Crazy Low Discounted Price Of Just $197.
If for any reason within the next year, I didn’t feel it was worth 10x the price you’ll give me 100% of my money back, plus I’ll get to keep B3.
Just $197
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Dedicated to your success,

Pat Rigsby & B.J. Gaddour

P.S. – This is your ‘Golden Ticket’. An incredible, fast-track education like this with all the done for you resources will literally fast track you to the bootcamp business you want. What else could you ask for?

P.P.S – One last thing – Don’t forget the program is completely guaranteed to make your business a Rolling in the Dough success. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the B3 System. If you aren't thrilled with the increase in your income and the decrease in your stress in and headaches during your first month, let us know and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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